AA Alternatives: 25 Sober Communities Beyond Alcoholics Anonymous

Most people will need help to quit, especially for drugs with severe withdrawal syndromes like the opioids. For sure, stopping even a 30-milligram daily oxycodone habit would produce powerful withdrawal symptoms that most people simply couldn’t endure. Higher addiction levels would be far worse and even more difficult to withstand. To learn more about our approach, schedule an obligation-free call with a member of our team today. Or, if you’re ready to begin your recovery journey, choose from three easy options to get started today.

The New Sobriety – The New York Times

The New Sobriety.

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Another way to stay sober without AA is to exercise regularly. Exercising canproduce endorphins such as serotonin and dopamine. These substances are chemicals in your brain that help you feel happiness, pleasure, and satisfaction. Such resources may supply you with the courage to stay sober. If you do not have internet access at home, it is free in many places, including libraries. If you do not feel that AA is the program for you, the internet has many resources and may help people stay sober. The free iOS/Android app can connect you to other sober people all across the world.

I remind myself that there are lots of good reasons not to drink.

You can focus on short-term sobriety, staying sober for 24 hours at a time. Most addiction support groups are peer-run without the guidance of a professional. You might find that group therapy benefits you more if you need the guidance of a therapist for mental health, social, emotional, or relationship issues. While peer support is vital to addiction recovery, you might find other ways to stay sober. Alcoholics Anonymous remains one of the most common support groups for long-term sobriety. AA inspired additional12-Step programs, like Narcotics Anonymous , for those struggling with other types of substance abuse.

What are the 61 rules of AA?

  • Easy does it.
  • First things first.
  • Live and let live.
  • But for the grace of God.
  • Think think think.
  • One day at time.
  • Let go and let God.
  • K.I.S.S. —Keep It Simple Stupid.

To answer this question, we’ll share some benefits that AA offers the recovering alcoholic. We’ll explain how other types of recovery programs can help as well. Nevertheless, the choice to become a part of the AA community is yours and yours alone. The first step of an inpatient program is detoxification. Then behavioral therapy and other services are introduced.

SMART Recovery

Alternatively, you may be looking for advice on how to stay sober when your friends are drinking. It requires a person to admit that they are powerless over their addiction. While it can help some people to realize how out of control their drinking has become, some people might be turned off by the idea that they can’t help themselves. At Drinker’s Helper, we certainly believe that a person can do quite a bit to help themselves get free of addiction to alcohol. Many of the activities that make for a healthy routine are also effective for relapse prevention. Actions that focus on mindfulness will make it easier to work through cravings and moments of temptation.

  • In Journalism & Media Studies from Rutgers University and is a contributing content writer for AlcoholRehabHelp.
  • Through his work in LGBTQIA, urban, rural, and religiously observant populations, Avi recognizes that each patient is unique.
  • In-person Services are currently being provided in Herndon only.
  • The program is designed to be more intensive and last for a longer period of time, compared to traditional AA programs.

Going to a 12-Step program or other support group offers encouragement and support for your long-term recovery. Many treatment centers encourage you to find a support group that will work for you. You can explore your options for a support group while in addiction treatment. Many treatment providers offer suggestions stay sober without aa to help you find the best fit for your recovery. Substance Use for Adults Explore individualized treatment programs that help adults with drug abuse, detox, and rehab. Substance Use for Young Adults Explore individualized treatment programs that help young adults with drug abuse, detox, and rehab.

Other Choices for Beating Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

If you have struggled with alcoholism and are hoping to achieve sobriety for good, there are many ways to do it without attending AA. We would be happy to help you create the treatment plan that is best for you. Now you have a clear idea about how to get your loved one the alcohol addiction treatment they need, offer your unconditional support throughout the recovery process. Above all else, being completely honest with yourself is vital to staying sober, with or without AA.

stay sober without aa

Sober life offers you a chance to focus on fulfilling and meaningful pursuits. According to a2014 surveyby Alcoholics Anonymous, 27% of members stay sober after one year, 24% for one to five years, and 13% between five and ten years. With a clear mind, you can focus on what will lead to long-term happiness. You can help others in their sobriety, which is proven toincrease happiness.

Find Support In A Different Group

There are a variety of different types of online support groups for alcoholics and addiction. If none of these options sound good to you, you can build the recovery community you feel is lacking in the world. Start a group in your area or on a social networking site like Facebook, and watch it grow.

stay sober without aa


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